Questions about the festival?
What does '' Ancient Future '' mean?

Ancient Future is a time within space in which everything stops; a reflection on the future that we can build together while taking back the values and freedom belonging to the past — what society was before being interconnected. The festival aims to be a paradox between nature and the building where the past and the future confront. The markers thus deconstructed, the participants engage in a complete hedonistic experience.

How do I buy tickets for Ancient Future?

Day & Night passes, single tickets & VIP are available online and at the following points of sale: For online purchase, select the number of valid Ancient Future passport tickets.

How can I attend Hangar 16 evenings ?

For reasons of capacity, the accesses to the late evening electrical Hangar 16 are limited.
To enter Hangar 16, you must have a weekend passport or, when you buy a Day Quai de l’Horloge ticket, get the extra access Hangar 16.
It is not possible to purchase a ticket to attend only one evening at Hangar 16.

Can I buy passes / tickets from resellers?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase your tickets at the official points of sale or on the website www.ancientfuture.ca. You have no guarentee from a reseller that the ticket you buy will be valid and will allow you to enjoy the festival.

When will Ancient Future 2017 take place?

The festival takes place at Quai de l’Horloge and at Hangar 16, in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. The natural harbor of the space at the foot of the Clock Tower is confronted with, at the end of the evening, the electric and industrial antrum of Hangar 16.

When will the timetable be unveiled?

The timetable will be unveiled on September 01/2017

Is Ancient Future 2017 an all ages event?

Ancient Future is an event for all ages. Children ages 10 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult who holds a valid day ticket or pass.

Can I volunteer at Ancient Future 2017?

If you are interested in working or volunteering at the festival, please send a message to:  info@ancientfuture.ca

I represent a media outlet; how can I get accredited?

If you represent a media outlet, you can accredit yourself by going to the accreditation section of the website or send a message to: info@ancientfuture.ca

What types of facilities and services can I find at Ancient Future?

A pyramid, hosting the ritual of the festival
Water and refreshing drinks
Homemade food at the restaurant space
Bars stocked with beer and other alcoholic beverages
Recycling bins to keep the site clean
Phone charging stations
A locker room to not to lose your bag or coat


What can I eat/drink at Ancient Future?

The restaurant menu will be available shortly.

Is there medical staff available at Ancient Future?

Medical staff will be present on the site. However, please bring any prescription medications you may need to avoid unfortunate situations. Please refer to the sitemap for the location of the medical staff. We also advise you to monitor your drinking in order to make the most of the experience.

What is the typical weather during the month of September?

September is one of the driest months in Montreal, with fewer chances of rain than in June or July!

What happens if it rains?

In the case of rain, one of the outdoor stages will be covered while the other stage will be moved, during day time, into the Hangar 16.

Is there a lost & found service?

For any lost items, please send an e-mail to info@ancientfuture.ca with a description of your object and copy of your ID. Lost items will be processed between 3 to 7 days after the festival.